Not all people have the same needs. Each person has a unique taste and preference. Selecting a mattress depends on the height of a person and also the number of people that will be occupying it. Based on these factors there is the availability of customized mattress in the stores. Be it a retailer or an online store they take up orders and make customized mattresses. All ranges from single cot mattresses to queen sized beds are available in the market everywhere. Customization in any product gives a great feeling to the people. They believe it is made just for them unlike the other common products. This gives a different feel to the product or the object that they will use on a daily basis. The preference of the material with which the mattress is made is also varying widely among people. Some prefer their beds softer while others want it to be hard. There are people who have underlying pains that can be treated with the right bedding. Hence a mattress does not only serve the purpose of sleeping. Without the right mattress people might get back pains which can cause serious trouble later on as the time passes.