Have you noticed that this year there is a whole bunch of colours being worn in just one outfit? It seems that some people have decided to throw out the fashion rule book on how many colours to wear and what colours should go with other colours. I say good! The other day I saw a girl freewheeling down the mall with bright blue jeans, a purple blouse, a mustard shawl, orange loafers… and red lipstick. More power to you girl!
It’s a trend that seems to extending from summer into autumn as more people experiment with their wardrobe to create a personal and exclusive ensemble. But I suggest that you should take a methodical approach to becoming a technicolour fashionista!
First up, go through your wardrobe and sort all the clothes according to colour. That’s all your clothes, shoes, slacks, blouses, coats, leggings… everything. Before you start matching up, there’s more to do. Have you got all the vibrant colours in your collection? You should have something in blood orange, yellow-green, and purple. No? Then go out and invest in an item of each in the “missing” colours.
Next up get some accessories: A statement wide belt, a robust clutch bag or purse, and then as many quality items of jewellery you can afford because these will be the way you can combine clothes with a look and add in in missing colours stitching together your ensemble. Use pendants, earrings, rings, chokers, and bracelets. The bigger and bolder the better. If you find statement accessory pieces, buy that too. Accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit, so you should definitely have versatile and stylish items to complement your wardrobe.
Next lay combinations of clothes and accessories out on the bed or dining table. Experiment with complementing styles. Try to avoid matching colours- no red on red here please!
However some combinations are timeless and shouldn’t be overlooked:
Do you have a red necklace? Try with either a white vest top and a navy cardigan. Both navy and white show up the red.
If you want to wear a load of bangles and bracelets on one arm then use neutral bracelets like beige, golden, silver and metallic.
I hesitate to suggest other colour combinations because the aim of this article is to get you to experiment and be bold.
But before I go, I would suggest that if you haven’t got any of the following items in your wardrobe, you might be restricted as to assembling a great ensemble:
Red or purple purse
Black or dark grey blazer
Black pumps
Dark blue or black jeans
White button-up shirt or blouse
Pearl earrings (imitation pearl if you like!)
A Diamond pendant
Red stilletos
Wide brown leather belt
These items do not have to be designer wear. Provided you are going to accessorise with some quality jewellery that will draw people’s attention away from your lack of a designer logo. And perhaps just before you go out with your new look, take a selfie and send it to a friend to ask them what they think!